Saturday, March 26, 2011

Egyptian activists to break Gaza siege

PressTV - Egyptian activists to break Gaza siege:

Fri Mar 25, 2011 7:56PM
Hassan Alkatib, Press TV, Egypt-Gaza Border

"Breaking and lifting the Gaza siege.

That is the goal of one delegation made up of 14 Egyptians and 1 American who travelled from Cairo to the Gaza border. They brought with them 10 tonnes of cement with the aim of supplying it to the people of Gaza.

Thousands of Gazans have been made homeless due to Israeli bombing, and they cant rebuild their homes because cement and building material has been prevented from entering the strip under Israel's siege. But the Egyptian activists here want to bring an end to that. These cement bags are just the beginning.

The delegation is comprised of activists, engineers and lawyers who wish to travel to Gaza and assess the situation there. They want to see what they can do to help rebuild the infrastructure in Gaza.

The Egyptian authorities delayed the decision to accept or deny the cement from going through, but the delegation did not go away. They stepped up the pressure by camping outside the border, and were adamant on staying for however long it takes.

Gaza has been under an Israeli siege since 2007.The siege that has restricted access to food, water, medicine and other necessities is causing serious problems for the people in the coastal enclave.

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