Friday, February 25, 2011

PressTV - Israeli warplanes attack Gaza

PressTV - Israeli warplanes attack Gaza:

Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:10PM
Yousef al-Helou, Press TV, Gaza

"Crowds of angry mourners took part in the funeral procession of a man who died late Wednesday from wounds sustained during a recent Israeli attack on eastern Gaza city. Two others were also injured while confronting Israeli troops invading the area.

According to medical sources, 13 people including 3 children were also injured in tank shelling in eastern Zaitoon neighborhood south of Gaza city. Separately, two other Palestinians (gravel collectors) were wounded by Israeli gunfire in Beit Lahiya northern gaza, this brought the total number of people injured on Wednesday to 15.
In the early hours of Thursday, Israeli warplanes carried out a series of air strikes across the gaza strip targeting training sites used by Hamas resistance men, the Israeli army claimed the air strikes were in response to a grad rocket that was fired from Gaza and landed in Bearshiva city in southern Israel.
However, People say Israeli tanks conduct almost daily ground incursions into different bordering areas, razing agriculture fields and opening fire at farmers and gravel collectors.

PressTV - Israeli warplanes attack Gaza:

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