Thursday, January 6, 2011

US delegation calls for end to Gaza siege

US delegation calls for end to Gaza siege

Yousef al-Helou, Press TV, Gaza

An American delegation headed by former US attorney general Ramsey Clark has arrived in Gaza via the Rafah border crossing for a short visit.
Clark met with a number of Hamas officials and said he came to show solidarity with the Palestinian people.
During a presser that was held in Gaza city, Hamas PM Ismael Haneyah said a number of issues including Israel's blockade of Gaza and recent escalation in Israeli-Palestinian fighting were raised during the talks with the visiting delegation.
Clark concluded his visit by touring some areas that were attacked during Israel's 22-day war on Gaza two years ago.
He then criticized the international community for not doing enough to lift the siege and called for end to the suffering of the Gazans who are being punished for what he said their democratic choice; this is what he had to say to - PressTV
Two years on since Israel's military offensive, nothing has changed for the better for residents of Gaza. The territory is still under siege, unemployment is around 40 percent and poverty endemic with more than two thirds of population relying on food aid by the UN and charity organizations.
Exports are also banned and the movement of people into and out of the territory are restricted. Israeli air attacks and land incursions have become frequent, with the UN saying that in 2010 nearly 70 people have been killed in such attacks.

US delegation calls for end to Gaza siege:

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