Thursday, January 20, 2011

UN Draft resolution condemns Israeli settlements

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PressTV - UN resolution condemns Israeli settlements:

"The draft resolution, sponsored by more than 120 countries, was put to the Security Council in order to place the issue of settlements before the UN group's jurisdiction. However, the draft resolution was not brought to a vote. Iran's ambassador to the U.N. says the draft provides a good way to measure the resolve of the Council -- especially the Permanent 5.

More than 120 nations signed on in support of this draft resolution. Notably absent from that list -- however -- are Western countries such as the United States -- the United Kingdom -- France -- Germany and Canada. Diplomats from those countries -- however - condemned Israeli settlement building in their statements before the Security Council today.

U.S. Ambassador Rosemary DeCarlo called Israeli settlement construction 'corrosive' to the peace-making process. She did -- however -- continue to voice her support for a two - state solution. The Lebanese ambassador says it shouldn't be that hard for the U.S. to
agree to the statement -- since there's nothing in it that America hasn't agreed to before.

Security council members that have already signed on to the statement also include Brazil -- India and South Africa. The Brazilian ambassador says that the two state solution that the US is pushing might be impossible to implement -- considering the rate at
which Israeli construction is progressing. The Palestinian Permanent Observer representative says he'd like to see a real resolution written up and voted on immediately -- but he's willing to work with Security Council members on the issue.

Many insiders say the real statement may be voted on later this month -- while others say the vote could be further away.

But some ambassadors tell Press TV that there are still adjustments to be made in the language of the statement before it can be voted on.

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Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog. Activist and Other Videos on Palestine

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