Sunday, January 9, 2011

Libyan Aid Convoy tours Gaza

PressTV - Libyan Aid Convoy tours Gaza:

"Yousef al-Helou, Press TV, Gaza

Members of the Libyan aid convoy called “Al-Quds 5” have toured some areas across the Gaza strip including Shifa hospital- Gaza's largest and main health center, where they met Gaza health officials and held a joint presser.

The convoy members also visited some areas destroyed during Israel's 22-day war on Gaza 2 years ago. They later paid a visit to the Palestinian legislative council in Gaza city and met Hamas MP's.

Organizers of siege-breaking aid convoys say that they will send more aid to the people of Palestine until the siege is totally lifted and residents in the densely populated territory can lead a normal life.

The United Nations has expressed concern that more than 80 percent of people of Gaza depend on relief supplies for their survival. And some 40 percent of Gaza's working age people are jobless as the siege has affected all economic sectors in the coastal enclave.

29 convoy members who had 80 tons of aid, mainly medical supplies, with them entered Gaza via the Rafah border crossing on Thursday and were warmly received by local people and officials.

Some days ago about 100 pro-Palestinian activists, part of an Asian aid convoy arrived in Gaza almost a month they began their journey from Asia to break the Israeli siege. Egypt refused visas to some Iranians and Jordanians travelling with the convoy.

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Libyan Aid Convoy tours Gaza:

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