Friday, January 7, 2011

Gazans mark Israel attack on UN school

PressTV - Gazans mark Israel attack on UN school:

"Ashraf Shannon, Press TV, Gaza

Gazans marked the second anniversary of an Israeli attack on a UN-run school during the 22-day war .

In the attack forty two people, many of them children and women who had taken shelter in the school lost their lives.

Schoolchildren reenacted the Israeli air and ground strike on the UN school, which took place on the 11th day of the Israeli war on the strip.

Hundreds of people including those injured in the attack and relatives of the victims took part in the ceremony
Also in attendance were some senior Hamas officials.

During the attack on the school, 500 had crammed into the classrooms in the hope that the place clearly marked by UN flag would be immune from Israeli strikes.

An elderly woman recalls the time when she found her grandson lying dead in a pool of blood following the attack.

During the war on Gaza more than 1400 people including hundreds of children and women were killed while thousands were injure, some with permanent disabilities.

On the second anniversary of the Israeli attack on the Fakhoura school, many are still traumatized, but hopeful that life may return to normal despite the international conspiracy of silence.

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