Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gaza patients in dire need of medicine, hundreds risk imminent death

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PressTV - Gaza patients in dire need of medicine:

"Hundreds of seriously ill Gazan patients risk an imminent death unless badly needed medicines are provided to them.

Sun Jan 23, 2011 9:11PM
Ashraf Shannon, Press TV, Gaza

Gaza's ministry of health lacks 190 different types of medicines and at least two hundred types of surgical supplies.

A recent statement by the World Health Organization said that the Israel-imposed blockade on Gaza in 2007 and the constant Israeli military strikes have led to ongoing deterioration in the social, economic and environmental determinants of health.

The general director of the al- Shifa medical complex in Gaza City which is Gaza's largest health provider says much of his hospital's stock has run out including essential drugs needed for blood cancer patients, epilepsy drugs, drugs required for women and children, drugs needed during pregnancy and birth and many others.

He blamed both Israel and the Ramallah government for the ongoing crisis.

Some seriously ill patients are referred for treatment to hospitals outside the Gaza strip.
But many patients have had their applications for exit permits denied or delayed by the Israel and have missed their appointments, Some have died while waiting for their permits.

As specialized drugs have become something of a rarity in the blockaded Gaza Strip many patients of chronic diseases like renal failure say they are facing death on a daily basis.

Gaza health officials are calling on the international community to pressure Israel to fully lift the blockade and spare the lives of Gazan patients.

Gaza hospitals lack the necessary equipment and medicine to deal with the relatively high number of patients. The situation here is especially dangerous for chronically ill patients who have to be on medication for long and those requiring emergency operations.

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