Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Egypt's court adjourns trial of alleged Mossad spy

PressTV - Egypt's court adjourns trial of alleged Mossad spy:

Mon Jan 17, 2011 6:57PM
May Kamel, Press TV, Cairo

"The Second session in the trial of Egyptian businessman, Tarek Abdel Razek who is accused of spying and recruiting agents in telecoms firms for Israel's intelligence agency Mossad was wrapped up with a postponement of the trial till February 12.

The deferral was to allow the defendant's lawyer to examine the investigations and to refer the defendant to medical examination for any signs of torture or beatings.

Abdel Razek was arrested last month in Cairo as part of an Israeli Spy ring, which included two Israeli officers. The two Israelis are being trialed in absentia and the Egyptian authorities have notified Interpol.

The first session in the trial was held a day earlier at Cairo's State Security Court and was also postponed after the defendant's lawyer's accused him of being a traitor and Quit.

The security courts which were established under an emergency law, have been criticized by rights groups as a tool used by the government to secure swift and often harsh verdicts that cannot be appealed.

The successive declarations and strange confessions from the defendant and the small amount of money he received in exchange for information took the public who demanded the harshest sentence possible, which in Egypt is usually 15 years of hard labor. Authorities say Hassan received $7,500 to try to recruit employees working for telecommunications companies in Egypt, Lebanon and Syria.

Tarek Abdel Razek Hussein, 37, the owner of an import-export firm, was arrested in August on charges of providing Israel with information about Egyptians in telecoms companies who could be recruited to spy in the three countries . Israel has denied involvement in the affair.
Cases like this are not limited to Cairo. Lebanon has already filed complaints with the United Nations about Israel's espionage activities within the country and has also arrested dozens of people, including Lebanese security officials and telecommunications employees, on suspicion of spying for Israel.

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