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"The Only House Left Standing" The Middle East Journals of Tom Hurndall

Video 1: Managing editor Hannah Watson on "The Only House Left Standing"
Video 2: LIVE PANEL TALK w/ Tom's parents and other Journalists– FRIDAY 26TH NOVEMBER

Remember Palestine-Plight of the Palestinian People-12-11-2010-(Part2):

"PressTVGlobalNews | December 12, 2010

In this episode of Remember Palestine, the efforts of pro-Palestine peace activists and the plight of Palestinian people are briefly reviewed.

...managing editor Hannah Watson on are also pats of this episode.

The Middle East Journals of Tom Hurndall – LIVE PANEL TALK – FRIDAY 26TH NOVEMBER — ** TROLLEY NEWS **:

"“What do I want from this life? What makes you happy is not enough. All the things that satisfy our instincts only satisfy the animal in us. I want to be proud of myself. I want more. I want to look up to myself and when I die, I want to smile because of the things I have done, not cry for the things I haven’t done.”
Tom Hurndall

“A brave man who stood alone. If only the world had listened to him… I wish I had met him because – looking back over the history of that terrible war – Hurndall’s journals (soon to be published) show a remarkable man of remarkable principle.”
Robert Fisk

Tom Hurndall, a young British photojournalist and peace worker, was shot in the head in Gaza in April 2003
whilst carrying Palestinian children to safety. He died nine months later in a London hospital. The book will
contain Tom’s photographs in the weeks running up to his shooting, as well as his personal writing from his
diaries and poems, and contains a preface by Robert Fisk.

Trolley are launching a crowdfunding campaign for our book ‘The Only House Left Standing – the Middle East Journals of Tom Hurndall.’ The eight week campaign will launch on Friday 26th November, the day before Tom’s birthday, with a panel talk commencing at 16.00 GMT. The panel includes:
• Tom’s parents Anthony and Jocelyn Hurndall
• John Sweeney – BBC Panorama journalist who did 2003 documentary ‘When Killing is Easy’ and Independent article Silenced Witnesses
• Rowan Joffe and Simon Block – Director and Screenwriter of Channel 4 BAFTA-nominated film documentary The Shooting of Thomas Hurndall
• Mohammed Qeshta – who was with Tom when we was shot and worked for the International Solidarity Movement
• Gigi Giannuzzi - publisher and founder of Trolley Books
It will be an hour long panel discussion of people who know Tom’s story and will be filmed and streamed live online to launch the fundraising campaign. The aim of this talk will be to engage the audience with Tom’s work and the concept of the book, whilst encouraging people to donate money towards it.

The platform for the crowdfunding campaign will be Indiegogo, who support creative projects looking for much-needed financial support, especially those with a documentary basis. Please visit our page HERE for more updates and information shortly on how to pledge and the rewards you will receive in return for doing so. Indiegogo is a pledge-for-reward social platform where supporters of our project will be able to pledge anything from £5 upwards. For example a pledge of £25 effectively pre-orders a copy of the book and supporters will be the first to receive it when it is printed. An edited version of the talk will afterwards be uploaded to our Indiegogo page online….

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