Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Road to Hope Aid Convoy to Gaza Converging in El Arish, Egypt

Road to Hope Convoy Converging in El Arish, Egypt 2:

"1worldcitizen | November 24, 2010

Report posted November 24, 2010
This has been an incredibly 5000 mile journey from London. The convoy has been split by the need to take a ship with few convoy members, kidnapping of 10 convoy members to Greece and the majority of convoy members left to wait in Libya. But now I (Ken O'Keefe) have made it to Egypt, the ship with all of our vehicles and aid sits one mile off the coast of El Arish awaiting final approval to dock and unload. The only thing holding that back is the arrival of the convoy members from Libya by a chartered jet. All things going well they will arrive today (November 24, 2010) around mid --day and we will all reunite and make our final leg to Gaza.

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