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Palestinians Rebuild Rahat Mosque Demolished by Israel - English Transcript, Arabic Video

Here's an English Transcript of the audio in the video (May not be 100% accurate, but quite close to convey the report into English)

00:01 - Reporter - A House of Worship was fully demolished to the ground, but a few hours later the residents started building a new one. And that is the message of the people of Rahat city in the Negev to the Israeli authorities who surrounded the city hours before dawn and broke into the Sahwa mosque, attacking the people inside and using bulldozers to demolish the mosque, claiming it was built without a license.

0:25 - Man Interviewed - We built this mosque at a site that used to be a drug den in order to change the reality on the ground into a mosque where God is worshiped.
The Israeli State and the Israeli Land Authority did not accept our construction of the mosque. Today, they came to the mosque and physically attacked, beat, and detained us. They demolished the whole mosque as can be seen. However, the residents came to rebuild the mosque again.

0:50 - Reporter - The residents, with the help of the Islamic Movement, immediately started building a new mosque in a message of defiance to the Israeli Authorities that destroyed the mosque claiming it was built without a license.

0:50 - Reporter (cont.) - They had gone through a legal battle to obtain a license, but the result was total failure. That was because Israel refuses to give licenses to build houses and mosque, not only in this area but in the whole of the Negev desert, which has more than 80,000 Palestinian inhabitants.

1:19 - Second Man interviewed (Mayor of Rahat) - They [the Israeli authorities] rejected all the construction plans we presented and committed this crime instead. Unfortunately, the Israeli Authorities committed a crime by demolishing this house of worship. This means that we will build it once more at any cost. They can demolish and we will rebuild, we will not give up because we have lived on this land before the establishment of this state.

1:38 - Reporter - The series of aggressions against houses of worship continues everywhere on this land. During the past few months, Israeli settlers and extremists burned and desecrated a number of mosques and burial grounds in various villages in the West Bank. Not the last of which was the willful arson of christian church in Jerusalem by Israeli extremists.

2:00 - Reporter (Cont.) The results of Israeli investigations in every one of these acts of desecration is the same: an unknown perpetrator. If you are an Arab [Palestinian] in this State that claims to be a democracy, then you, your family, your home, your land, mosque, and church are targeted.

2:16 - Reporter (Cont.) the question that comes to mind is: They [the Israeli Government] investigate licenses and deeds, but who investigates them?

2:24 - Reporter (Cont.) - The message is clear here: They can demolish, but the Palestinians and Arabs will continue their steadfastness and rebuild!

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