Monday, November 8, 2010

Ni'lin Village Olive Harvest 2010: The Suffering Continues

Ni'lin Village(( the olive harvest)) 2010:

"Nilinvillage | October 17, 2010

Since the building of the apartheid wall on our lands, which started 27.05.2008, Israel has prevented us from reaching our lands. Last week Israel issued 50 permits for the first time for people to go on the other side of the wall to harvest the olive trees. More than 2000 people who are in need of permits in order to harvest their land were denied access to their land. My family and I are among those 2000 people who didn't get a permit. It is all just to punish us.
When the people went to harvest their olive trees on the other side of the wall they had to wait for the soldiers for two hours until they came and opened the gate and the farmers were allowed in. It is an insult to our lives because before the wall was built we easily reached our land any time we wanted to. Since the Israeli occupation constructed this wall we need to apply for permits which are very difficult to get. Those few who did get them received them only for a limited time of five days.
After the farmers reached their lands, which is full of weeds and waste, they were surprised to see that the settlers and the soldiers put Israeli flags on the olive trees, stole and burned many olive trees. Only few trees, around 10 to 20, are still fine. The farmers were sad and depressed. Additionally, the farmers were confronted by the wild boars, which the Israelis release on our land in order to frighten us. One year ago, one man got hit by a boar during the olive harvest in Ni'lin and broke his back. When the permits were issued, the farmers were looking forward to see their land again, but once they reached their land, they wished they hadn't seen this destruction.

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