Monday, November 1, 2010

Hip hop, hope and human rights: The Elders in Gaza call to lift the Israeli-Egyptian Siege

Hip hop, hope and human rights: The Elders in Gaza:

"theeldersorg | November 01, 2010

During their second visit to the Middle East in October 2010, the Elders spent a day in Gaza to see first-hand the impact of the ongoing blockade by Egypt and Israel.

Mary Robinson, Ela Bhatt and Lakhdar Brahimi listened to UN officials, civil society, Palestinian human rights experts and young people. They heard how the people of Gaza feel isolated from the outside world and frustrated with the political situation.

The Elders also met with the Hamas leadership and questioned Prime Minister Haniyeh about the human rights violations reported by those living in Gaza.

At a press conference, the Elders expressed solidarity with the 1.5 million people trapped in Gaza and repeated their call for the blockade to be lifted.

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