Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where Are All the Villages? Visiting YIBNA

The Palestinian Village of Yibna lies 15 (km) Southwest of al-Ramla. It was mostly destroyed with the exception of couple of houses and the village mosque. Yibna inhabitants were completely ethnically cleansed after its occupation by the zionist army on June 4, 1948.

Yibna is the hometown of late Abdel al-Ziz al-Rantisi, who was one of the most prominent political spokespersons of the "Islamic Palestinian Movement", better know as HAMAS.

To learn more about Yibna, please visit Palestine Remembered here

Visiting Yibna 01/10/10 ביקור באיבנא:

"abuaviv | October 02, 2010

Yibna was a large Palestinian village that was occupied and ethnically cleansed in June 1948. Here we see some of the important remains

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