Friday, October 8, 2010

Caught on video - Israeli Settlers leader hit two Palestinian children with his car

A hit and run by Israeli Settler leader in Silwan
Israeli settler hits two Palestinian children with his car in Jerusalem
Friday October 08, 2010 18:50 by George Rishmawi - 1 of International Middle East Media Center Editorial Group

An Israeli settler hit two Palestinian children with his car causing Friday afternoon in Silwan neighbourhood of Jerusalem.

Eyewitnesses reported that after the Friday prayer at the Silwan protest tent, clashes erupted between Israeli settlers and Palestinian youth. According to the witnesses report, head of Elad settler organization, David Be'eri, deliberately hit the two children with his car and fled the scene.

Israeli sources on the other hand stated that the two kids were hurling stones at Be'eri before he rammed them with his car.

The two children were identified as Imran Mansour, 11 and Eyad Gheith 10, and were taken to Al-Maqased hospital for treatment. Their wounds were described as moderate.

According to the Israeli daily online, Haaretz, Be'eri is a well-known right-wing activist and is the director of Elad, a nonprofit organization that runs the City of David in East Jerusalem and also works to settle Jews in the area.

Israeli settlers have taken by force a number of homes in Silwan, some of them claim they have purchased these houses from their Palestinian owners.

Mid East Hit and Run.m4v: "DarkRoomTV1 | October 08, 2010

Israeli leader of a settler group ran over two Palestinian children today in Jerusalem . One of the kids has medium injuries and now he's hospitalised.

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