Saturday, September 25, 2010

Viva Palestina in Italy (2 videos)

According to Italian Newspaper Terra, Viva Palestina convoy arrived in Italy on the September 22 and sailed from Ancona on the 23rd after receiving a gift of five vehicles full of Italian aid.

Viva Palestina in Italy:

"hassanalkatib | September 24, 2010

Press TV London correspondent Hassan Alkatib


"RoughMoleskin | September 24, 2010

Viva Palestina 5 convoy arrives in Greece
September 24, 2010
"Viva Palestina 5" Convoy, travelling to the besieged Gaza Strip with medical aid and other necessities, has arrived in Greece, since today morning.

The Convoy disembarked from the ferries that carried them from Italian port Ancona at the Igoumenitsa port, and they continue to Thessaloniki, where they will spend the night. At Kozani, on their way to Thessaloniki, the Convoy met with local authorities.

After their stop at Thessaloniki, the Viva Palestina Convoy will continue their trip to Gaza through Turkey.

At the same time, apart from the British "Viva Palestina 5" Convoy, two other vehicle convoys will meet with themin Latakia, Syria: one starting from Casablanca, with Moroccan and Algerian members, and another starting from Doha, Qatar, with members from Jordan and other Gulf Countries. From latakia port, the 150-200 vehicles will be transported by ferries to the El-Arish port in Egypt, and from there they will head to Gaza through the Rafah Crossing.

In the Viva Palestina Convoy participate survivors from the Mavi Marmara ship, which was the target of the massacre that took place during the IDF's raid on Freedom Flotilla, early in the morning of May 31st.

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