Monday, September 20, 2010

Ken O'Keefe at PDX: "BBC: Masters of Propaganda"

Ken O'Keefe arrival PDX.:

"SalemNews | September 20, 2010

(PORTLAND, Ore.) - Ken O'Keefe, a former U.S. Marine who battled Israeli commandos last May when they raided the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, arrived in Portland tonight. He went through scrutiny from Homeland Security, but this peace activist that Israel dubbed a terrorist, was treated well by U.S. authorities, unlike his experience with Israel's.

He was met by his mom Pat Johnson, who had not seen Ken since the tragic attack last May that left nine of his fellow crew members dead from Israeli bullets, including one U.S. citizen.

Ken is a contributing writer and one of the central figures in the world in the fight to free the people of Gaza from poverty and terrible, inhumane conditions imposed by an Israeli blockade deemed illegal by the United Nations.

Author Eileen Fleming, also a contributor, and Founder of, is also here for the speaking tour Ken will be conducting over the coming days.

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