Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beit Jala Struggles against the Apartheid Wall and land theft - June 6, 2010

You can hear the voice of Mazin Qumsiyeh, one of the main organizers of the peaceful resistance in Beit Jala and surrounding areas.

Beit Jala 6-6-2010

justicewheels June 06, 2010Today in Beit Jala near Bethlehem we had mock coffins, ships, Turkish and international flags and of course the obligatory Israeli tear gas and harassment. One peace activist (Roni, an Israeli) was arrested. We are dismayed that Palestinian security in coordination with Israeli security decided to prevent us from going to demonstrate from downtown Beit Jala (or to return to downtown) but we keep going from another location and we show Israeli war criminals that we care about the land and we care about the people of Gaza and we care about the victims of the massacre committed at sea Monday. The wild thrashing Israeli forces are doing on all fronts are reminiscent of the death throws of other colonial powers (e.g. the last days of apartheid in South Africa). One Israeli soldier relished destroying teh Jordanian flag.

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