Sunday, June 6, 2010

Al Jazeera talks to US activist named by Israel as a 'terrorist'

A straight Q&A interview of Ken O'Keefe by Al-Jazeera. He was brutally beaten by Israeli criminals after his detention as one of the activists on board the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, arriving at Istanbul airport with blood all over his face and clothes. He had refused to be deported and wanted to fight the legality of his abduction in the courts. Ken O'Keefe was involved in disarming the Israeli pirates who attacked the Flotilla boats. According to his statement, he removed the bullets from the weapons [obviously to prevent further killings of the passengers] and gave them to two different persons to avoid them being fired for any reason.

Al Jazeera talks to US activist named by Israel as a 'terrorist'

AlJazeeraEnglish June 06, 2010Israel claims five activists on Mavi Marmara were "active terrorists".

Israel's "terrorist" list includes two Turks, one French, and two US citizens.

Ex-US marine, Ken O'Keefe who is on the list, denies all the allegations. (6 May 2010)

He talks to Al Jazeera

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