Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nabi Saleh protest 21-05-2010.wmv

Troops Attack Villagers Of Nabi Saleh And Injure One
Friday May 21, 2010 16:53

Source: IMEMC News

One civilian was injured, and dozens suffered from the effects oftear gas inhalation as Israeli troops attacked, on Friday, the villagers of Nabi Saleh's anti wall protest in central West Bank.

Villagers, along with their international supporters, marched after the midday prayers from the village mosque to their lands were Israeli is building the wall.

As soon as villages reached the construction site of the wall troops there used tear gas and sound bombs to suppress protesters.

Kamal al-Rimawi was hit by a tear gas canister in his face. He was moved to a hospital in the nearby Ramallah city for treatment. Many other villagers were treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation.

Troops chased residents back to the village and tried to take over homes there, local youth clashed with the invading forces, no injuries were reported in the clashes.

Nabi Saleh protest 21-05-2010.wmv

planxtysumoud May 21, 2010Today, the villagers of Nabi Salah suffered another severe visitation of Israeli Occupation Forces violence where one protestor, Kamal al-Rimawi, was hit in the face with a tear gas projectile breaking one of his facial bones and some teeth necessitating his hospitalization in Rafidia Hospital, Nablus, where he is presently recovering. Village houses were commandeered and tear gas projectiles were fired through the windows into three causing fire damage to the curtains, scorch marks to the walls and in the one house which I filmed - the home of Abu Shawki - the glass in a display case shattered, the other houses were the homes of Abu Husam and Abu Taher. The Friday protests are ongoing and Nabi Saleh's coordinators are appealing to Israelis and internationals of live conscience for maximum solidarity and to attend this Friday's demonstration (after prayers) where their presence may attenuate the wanton violence of the IOF and the settlers from the nearby illegal colony of Halamish which they "defend".

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