Thursday, May 27, 2010

Israel to block massive aid shipment to Gaza - RT Top Stories

Israel to block massive aid shipment to Gaza - RT Top Stories

Israel is set to block eight ships carrying 10,000 tons of aid and 800 activists and politicians on its way to Gaza.

Organizers behind the flotilla are hoping to send a message to the world that Israel has no right to starve 1.5 million Palestinians. The Free Gaza movement has organized several other aid ships to Gaza in the past, the last three of which were stopped by Israel.

The people of Gaza, 1.5 million people, live today without that which is necessary to sustain life. That’s the policy of the Israeli government, to starve the people, deprive them of food and medicine, and that which they need to rebuild their homes after Israel destroyed Gaza in December and January 2008 and 2009. So, the people of the world, in fact, are taking matters into their own hands and that is what the flotilla shows,” said Brian Becker, the director of the A.N.S.W.E.R Coalition.

The size and magnitude of the flotilla sends a strong and symbolic message, whether or not the ships are actually permitted to enter Gaza.

It’s a drawing attention to the world about a gaping humanitarian wound that goes unaddressed,” said Becker.
While it is easy to blame Israel for the situation in Gaza, Becker places equal blame on the United States, citing the close ties between the US and Israeli governments.

If the American government, if the Obama administration wanted this to end, it would end. Israel couldn’t really stand up against the United States. But, Israel has a partner with the United States government,” said Becker.
There will likely be a great showing of solidarity for those aboard the flotilla; however it remains clear that the US will not act. Like past administrations, including the Bush Administration, the Obama administration “is complicit with the starving down” of Gaza, said Becker.

Israel is likely to use military force as they have done in the past in their efforts to prevent the ships from reaching Gaza, including sinking the ships and arresting those onboard.
Their [Israeli government] goal is to take this over, to drive the Palestinians out. They can use any pretext they want, but they’re the occupiers, they’re the colonial dominators of a land that they seized in 1967 and as they seized the West Bank they‘ve seized all the Arab lands. They can come up with whatever pre-text they want, but the international community is saying no to Israel and yes to the Palestinian people and their right to live,” said Becker.

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