Saturday, April 3, 2010

Land Day in Gaza: Dabkeh Protest at the Border (Beit Hanoun Local Initiative)

Land Day in Gaza:The Dabkeh Intifida! (Beit Hanoun Local Initiative):

freepalestineee April 02, 2010Land day in Beit Hanou, 29 march 2010.
Land Day, celebrated every year in Palestine, commemorating the Palestinian love of the land and also those people who have died for it.
Our friend S from the Beit Hanoun Local Initiative invited us to join people in the Beit Hanoun area who were going to take direct action by walking into some farmland in their local stretch of border area about 800 metres away from the Erez border crossing and celebrate the day with dancing, bread-baking, and tending of a handful of young orange trees there (Israel has destroyed most of Gazas orchards.) Thankfully, nothing disturbed the festivities, except the sad sight of the destroyed houses there. Hope you enjoy the Dapaqa Intifida Resistence of our friends

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Video Footage & Editing by Vittorio Utopia Arrigoni

ISM Gaza:
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