Saturday, April 3, 2010

Land Day Event in Al-Ma'sara, Palestine

Land Day Event in Al-Ma'sara, Palestine:

"justicewheels — April 02, 2010 — They finally released our 10 friends yesterday from Israeli jails on bail pending trial after 5 days in prison. Those kidnapped from the Bethlehem area on Palm Sunday attended a press conference in Ramallah and passed by here in Beit Sahour late last night. Yet, the Friday regular demonstration in Al-Masara was large and daring. Speeches were held at the place the soldiesr had stretched barbed wire blocking the road. The occupation troops decided to end the demonstration with a barrage of concussion/stun grenades. Two reporters and two demonstrators were injured by the soldiers as they tried to arrest some people in a violent way. The soldiers also shot directly at my car smashing one concussion grenade into the windshield from a distance of over 100 meters (replacement and clean-up will cost $250-300)."

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