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Forensic Report: Tortured to Death - 53 Sleepless Gaza Jerusalem

PPS: “Detainee Who Died Last Week, Was Hit On His Spine, Neck”
Thursday April 22, 2010 11:47
by Saed Bannoura - IMEMC

The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) reported that detainee Raed Abu Hammad, who died on April 16, was hit by Israeli interrogators on the center spine and the back on his neck, and died of his wounds in his cell.

Forensic examination revealed that Abu Hammad was healthy and did not suffer from any health condition. He was also an athlete and in a strong body shape.

The examination also revealed that Abu Hammad was tortured during interrogation and was struck on the center of his spine causing damage to the spinal canal in addition to being violently hit on the back of his neck. He was found dead in his cell at the Be’er Sheva Israeli prison.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society held Israel responsible for the death of Abu Hammad, demanded an immediate and independent investigation into his death, and called for prosecuting the interrogators who tortured him.

The PPS stated that this crime is one of hundreds of crimes committed by the Israeli army against the detainees, and added that the forensic examination proves without any doubt that Israeli jailors and interrogators are behind Hammad’s death.

It stated that Palestinian and Arab detainees imprisoned by Israel are subject to constant violations, illegal torture and interrogation techniques.

Nearly 200 Palestinian detainees died of torture and abuse, more than 50 died of medical negligence. Hundreds of detainees died after their release due to illnesses and effects of torture and gunshot wounds suffered prior or during the course of their arrest.

On April 17, the Palestinian Prisoners Day, the PPS reported that Israel arrested more than 70.000 Palestinians since 2000, 800 of them were women and 8000 were children.

Qaddoura Fares, head of the PPS stated that the current number of detainees imprisoned by Israel is 7000, held in 25 prisons, interrogation centers and detention camps.

Israel is holding captive 16 legislators and ministers, 36 female detainees including 4 mothers, and 340 children. 5700 detainees are from the West Bank, 780 are from the Gaza Strip, 450 from Jerusalem and 47 detainees from the Arab world.

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SleeplessinGaza April 22, 2010Day 53: You saw it on 49a the forensic doctor told Ashira that it wasnt a suicide like the Israeli authorities claimed, nor was it a natural death! We called the film Murder in an Israeli Prison! The exclusive footage of the film was used by Al Arabiya, CNN and Reuters just transmitted it to 600 television stations worldwide. Since then the Sleepless in Gaza and Jerusalem girls have been wondering what is taking officialdom so long to declare the reason of death. Ashira goes today to the Press conference that makes it official. Raed was killed with a blow to his spine causing damage to his spinal cord and internal bleeding. Asma wrote a book about Gazan woman in war and Nagham wanted to bring life to one of the stories, so Asma takes her to see Nawal and her family; victims of Israels attacks on the civilians of Gaza in January 2009. Israel called it Operation Cast Lead; most of the world called it a Heinous Crime. How did Nawal have her baby in the middle of the attacks?

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