Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aiming to Starve Gaza, Israel Turns Gaza Farms into Waste Land

Nothing can destroy a Farm faster than removing its top soil, and Israel is incessantly doing so everywhere it can reach in the tiny strip of land called Gaza.
april 22 invasion faraheen.wmv

gazanews2009 April 22, 2010 — On April 22, 4 Israeli tanks and 4 large Israeli military bulldozers invaded Al Faraheen, destroying Palestinian farmland in the what the Israeli authorities have unilaterally declared as the "buffer zone", a 300 metre stretch of land along Gaza's border to Israel in which Palestinians have been forbidden to enter, doing so at risk of being shot by Israeli soldiers. Tens of Palestinian civilians have been killed and injured by Israeli soldiers' shooting and shelling attacks in and outside of the "buffer zone'', even as far away as 2 km from the border.

The April 22nd invasion saw Israeli bulldozers churn up plots of wheat and lentils, tanks and bulldozers coming within approximately 50 metres of Jaber Abu Rjila's home.

Abu Rjila's home and chicken farm was heavily attacked in a May 2008 Israeli invasion: the chicken barn was destoyred, killing nearly all of the 3000 birds, and the surrounding farm land was razed, killing various fruit and olive trees, crops, and destoying farm equipment, tractors, water pumps and a cistern.

The Abu Rjila house, like many along the border region, is constantly subject to indiscriminate Israeli soldier fire from Israeli military jeeps and towers along the border. As a result, the family has moved out of their home and now pays to rent a home in a safer area. Their livelihood and ability to be self-sufficient has been destroyed by these Israeli aggressions.

armored bulldozers invade Gaza strip

maxajl April 22, 2010 — military bulldozers attack a strip of land in the buffer zone razing the plants

IDF bulldozers destroy land in the buffer zone

maxajl April 22, 2010 — IDF bulldozers attack the buffer zone

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