Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gazan fisherman shot with 'dum-dum' bullets by Israeli forces

Gazan fisherman shot with 'dum-dum' bullets by Israeli forces:

"On Saturday 14th February, 23 year-old Rafiq abu Reala was shot by Israeli naval forces whilst fishing in Gazan territorial waters, approximately two nautical miles out from the port of Gaza city. He was in a simple fishing vessel, not much larger than a rowing boat, with a small outboard engine, known locally as a 'hassaka'.
An M-16 assault rifle was fired hitting him twice with explosive dum-dum bullets, which peppered his back with shrapnel from the bullets themselves.

For full report:"

Israeli Navy shoots Gaza Fisherman:

"Israeli navy gun boats fire at several Palestinian fishing boats which are only 3km west of the port in Gaza City. One of the fishermen - Rafik Abu Rayala is badly injured."

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