Thursday, July 14, 2011

Two Israeli air raids on Gaza + Israeli army shoot a student, leave him bleed to death

Two Israeli air raids on Gaza wound woman, destroy foundry
[ 13/07/2011 - 08:41 AM ]

GAZA, (PIC)-- Israeli occupation forces (IOF) launched two air raids on a foundry to the east of Gaza city at dawn Wednesday completely destroying it and wounding a Palestinian woman, local sources said.

The sources told the PIC reporter that Israeli F-16s fired a missile at the foundry in Tufah suburb east of Gaza city damaging it along with nearby houses in addition to a main water pipeline which cut water supplies to the inhabitants in the neighborhood.

Adham Abu Salmiya, the medical services spokesman, said that a Palestinian woman was injured in the raid and taken to Shifa hospital.

The warplanes returned two hours later and targeted the same foundry causing more destruction in the area, the witnesses reported.

The IOF recently escalated aggression on the Gaza Strip including air raids and incursions on its eastern and northern borders.

IOF soldiers shoot university student, leave him bleed to death
[ 13/07/2011 - 08:34 AM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)-- A 19-year-old Palestinian university student was killed at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) which stormed Fara’a refugee camp north of Nablus in a pre dawn raid on Wednesday.

Eyewitnesses told the PIC reporter in Nablus that the IOF soldiers in 11 armored vehicles stormed the camp at 0300 am and one of them fired at Ibrahim Sarhan while on his way to offer dawn prayers.

The shot hit a main artery in his right thigh, the witnesses said, adding that Sarhan tried to reach a nearby house but the soldiers dragged him away and prevented anyone from extending help to him even the ambulance crews and left him bleed to death.

Violent confrontation then took place between citizens and the IOF soldiers, who broke into many homes and destroyed belongings and arrested a number of citizens then released some of them and retained two in custody, the witnesses said.

Hamas mourns martyr, IOF arrests 8 citizens including boy
[ 13/07/2011 - 10:58 AM ]

NABLUS, (PIC)-- Hamas issued a statement in the West Bank on Wednesday mourning the death of Ibrahim Sarhan at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces in a pre dawn raid today.

It said that Sarhan, 22, was captured after he was shot and wounded by the IOF special force in Fara’a refugee camp north of Nablus and held in one of the houses. It added that the soldiers deliberately delayed handing him over to the Palestinian medics, which led to his death.

The IOF forces arrested three Palestinians in the refugee camp in a campaign of arrests during which Sarhan was killed. In one of the houses they did not find the young man they wanted to detain so they took his brother and cousin in his place, locals told the PIC.

Five other Palestinians were detained in Al-Khalil villages of Samu, Dura, and Beit Ummar, local sources said, adding that three were arrested in Beit Ummar including a 16-year-old boy and a sick teen who was beaten along with his father and mother in front of the family members.

Fatal West Bank and Gaza violence | Video |

"July 13 - Israeli forces kill a Palestinian in the West Bank, and hit targets in Gaza city after a rocket attack on southern Israel. Nick Rowlands reports.

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