Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pro-Palestinian activists rally in Bethlehem

PressTV - Pro-Palestinian activists rally in Bethlehem:

Sun Jul 10, 2011 7:13PM
Ibrahim Husseini, Press TV, Bethlehem

"Pro-Palestinian activists from Europe, North America, and elsewhere held demonstrations, in support of the Palestinian cause, in the City of Bethlehem and nearby in Al Waljeh.

The activists first gathered in Aida refugee camp and from there moved to the Israeli checkpoint that separates Bethlehem from Jerusalem Al Quds.
Israel on Friday, barred several hundred activists from boarding flights bound to Tel Aviv. However activists say between 50 and a hundred succeeded in evading Israeli screening and arrived to the occupied Palestinian territories. Other activists, however, were not as lucky, for since Friday, 124 activists are being detained in Israeli prisons and awaiting deportations.
The Welcome to Palestine campaign organizers, by holding a week long of activities, wanted to show the activists the impact the Israeli occupation has on Palestinians.
The Welcome to Palestine campaign coincides with the anniversary of the 2004 advisory ruling on the Israeli wall that was built on Palestinian land. The International court of Justice ruled against the wall in an advisory opinion and stated that the wall is illegal under international law and that Israel's presence on Palestinian territories met the definition of Occupation.
On Saturday, Palestinians and international activists protested in the village of Bilin and in front of the Israeli checkpoint at Qalandiya which separates Ramallah from Jerusalem Al Quds. Sunday's demonstrations come as a continuation of these activities.
Stand: Israeli measures, it seems, were not fully successful in preventing the pro-Palestinian activists from reaching the occupied Palestinian territories. Activists say the' welcome to Palestine' campaign will have far reaching effects as public opinion against the Israeli occupation of Palestine grows ever louder and stronger.

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