Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flytilla blocked in Europe

PressTV - Flytilla blocked in Europe:

Fri Jul 8, 2011 3:45PM
Anustup Roy, Press TV, Paris

"Angry at being denied boarding passes to Tel Aviv…

Over 600 European supporters of the Palestinian cause had planned to visit the West Bank and Jerusalem-Al-Quds.
But as they arrived at their airports such as London, Paris, Geneva, Brussels, they were denied check-in and boarding… under the orders of Israel.
Israel has issued a notice to all airlines, asking them to refuse carrying black listed passengers, that is, these passengers. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has insisted that it has the right to prevent entry of whom he called disrupters and provocateurs.
But these passengers say not only they have the right to leave their own borders, but also Israel's actions are illegal.
Over the past weeks and months, Israel has blocked humanitarian flotillas from entering Gaza, with many of them now blocked in Greek waters.
The demonstrators behind me say that they will not stop and that more demonstrations will take place to protest against Israel's blockade of Gaza.
But for these demonstrators, being black listed by ISrael is a sharp reminder of the Second World War.
These passengers say they will take up the matter at the United Nations.

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