Sunday, July 31, 2011

‪Ahava-Tesco Covent Garden Demo 30 07 2011

‪by Seymour at 5:08 PM


"MrAlexSeymour on Jul 30, 2011

One of our regular fortnightly demos in Covent Garden. The Ahava shop is still there and so we are still demonstrating. Tescos is still helping in Israel's ongoing expansion into Palestinian territories and in its theft of Palestinian resources: primarilly water and natural gas alhough the trucks also never stop extracting and transporting the stone and gravel etc that Israel finds in its illegal West Bank quarries; whatever Palestine has, Israel steals. This only goes to prove who the real owners of the land are. No true landowner would pollute and lay waste his own precious homeland. Israel knows that it has no legal or moral rights to Palestine - that is why we have all the stealth and skullduggery, why Israel grabs all it can before the cops arrive; and unfortunately the only policeman we have at the moment is Barack Obama.

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