Monday, May 16, 2011

Thousands march in NY to mark Nakba Day

PressTV - Thousands march in NY to mark "Nakba Day":

Mon May 16, 2011 4:50AM
Hank Flynn, Press TV, New York

"They were led by children -- members of a generation that has only known Palestine as a notion -- a memory passed down from their parents and grandparents.

On the anniversary of the Palestinian Catastrophe -- Nakba -- when three quarters of a million Palestinians were chased from their homes -- thousands marched from the UN to Times Square in New York City.

Organizers say that as change sweeps across the Arab world -- a new day is also dawning for Palestine.

There were numerous other Nakba demonstrations across the US -- in Miami -- Washington DC and elsewhere.

None on the American side -- however -- were as deadly as those on the Lebanese border -- where scores of protesters were shot down by Israeli gunfire.
Protesters carried signs promising to keep up the fight for independence and urging unions and corporations to divest in Israel.

Orthodox Jews also walked -- calling Israel a mistake.

And after the demonstration -- after the police had put away the barricades -- one demonstrator told us that being Palestinian in America means correcting all the lies.

In a statement issued late Sunday -- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called for a lasting peace -- including an end to occupation and a solution to the plight of Palestinian refugees.

The Palestinian cause remains popular among UN member states -- and Israeli settlement building has been condemned on a near-universal level.

The Security Council -- however -- has been rendered nearly impotent on the subject of Palestine by the US's veto power.

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