Sunday, May 15, 2011

Several Palestinians killed in Nakba [Catastrophe] Day anniv.

PressTV - Several Palestinians killed in Catastrophe Day anniv.:

Sun May 15, 2011 5:54PM
Mariam Saleh, Press TV, Beirut

"Six people have been killed and over 30 injured in what many observers say has become a third Intifada across the Arab world.

Carrying Palestinian flags and chanting 'we want our lands back', tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon flocked to the southern Lebanese town of Maroun Al-Ras to protest the day Israel destroyed hundreds of Palestinian villages and expelled hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their own land in order to occupy them.
The number of Palestinian refugees gathered at the southern lebanese border on the 63rd anniversary of Nakba Day has been unprecedented.
Palestinians here tell us they will no longer weep the loss of Palestine, but rather begin a march of return to their homeland. The Lebanese army adopted tight security measures to prevent any possible acts that may incite violence. However, despite their efforts, Israeli troops opened fire on the protesters as they marched towards the southern crossing while shouting, “The people want to return to Palestine.” Beforehand, the Israeli army declared that its troops will be ready for the rally, and that it would take retaliatory measures if people came close to the crossing.
A Hezbollah MP told press TV that the rally was clear sign that the spirit Palestinians has not been crushed and that they are continuing to resist the occupying forces.
Palestinian political representatives reiterated that the recent reconciliation agreement signed in early May will unite all Palestinians in their struggle to return to their homelands.
The Nakba demonstrations in southern Lebanon were just a small part of the rallies that took place across the Arab world especially inside Gaza and the West Bank.

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