Monday, May 16, 2011

Egypt's security forces and army block pro-Palestinian march

PressTV - Egypt army blocks pro-Palestinian march:

Mon May 16, 2011 1:37AM
Ehab Zahriyeh, Press TV, el-Arish

"Thousands of Egyptians had planned to march to the Egypt-Gaza border to stand in solidarity with Palestinians on Nabka of the Day of Catastrophe.

Egyptian security forces prevented buses from carrying them.

Egyptian soldiers also fired gunshots to disperse thousands of protesters at the Israeli embassy.

The army also stopped activists from crossing the Suez Canal into the Sinai Peninsula and set up checkpoints along the main road leading to the Rafah Border Crossing.

Alternative routes exist to get to the border through local Beduin farms and villages turning a 30-minute trip into three hours. An activist from Cairo was the only person to make it to the border.

We finally made it to the Rafah border crossing and as you can see behind me, the military has been successful in preventing any marches from happening here.

Egyptians and Palestinians living in the Sinai also staged a protest in the neighboring city of AL-Arish calling on the Egyptian army to allow the demonstrators to continue their march.

Activists in Al-Arish told Press TV they would keep trying until they reach Rafah, even if the army turns them away.

I'm standing in Al-Arish right now and most of the people behind me tried entering Rafah, but were prevented by the military. They say their efforts won't stop here. They'll continue to put pressure on the Egyptian army and Israel until justice is served.

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