Thursday, April 21, 2011

UN vote on Palestinian statehood in the offing

A good half-way step forward towards the real solution of the one democratic state on all of mandate Palestine, unless the lame Ramallah P.A. empties it of this significance by having already made promises on refugees return to their original homes, towns and cities. You really never know what to expect from that bunch in Ramallah, so I'm taking the news with a whole load, not just a grain, of salt!

UN vote on Palestinian statehood in the offing:

"PressTVGlobalNews on Apr 21, 2011

Palestinian Observer Ambassador Riyad Monsour says that destiny is on the side of the Palestinian people as September approaches. He told the nations of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, as he argued for support for Palestinian statehood -- which he says is nearing reality. The Palestinian Authority has been busy drumming up support for it's bid for statehood. Uruguay reinforced its supportive stance -- which means that every South American state stands in support of Palestine -- except for Columbia -- which has sworn it won't recognize the Palestinian effort. Monsour used every tool at his disposal -- especially the recent UN report that states Palestinian functions are sufficient for statehood -- and that Israel should roll back its 'measures of occupation.'

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