Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Death Without Mercy: Israeli Attack on Gaza 2009

To give the video the needed background, I would have started it with statements explaining why the desperate homemade rockets where fired in the first place, or better yet, replacing the name Hamas by dispossessed Palestinian refugees. That is what Hamas really is in fact, the people who have been waiting to get back to their homes, villages and cities in occupied Palestine for over 60 long years while the world turned a blind eye to their suffering and leaders compete to please the aggressor by denying them their most basic rights.

Don't misunderstand me, I appreciate the video and think it's good.

YouTube - Death Without Mercy: Israeli Attack on Gaza 2009:

"SalemNews on Apr 26, 2011

The violence that Israel delivered in Gaza City is worse than many people have imagined. The images in the video accompanying this article, offers a story that no words can express. Hamas rocket attacks brought a reprisal that killed hundreds of children in Gaza City indiscriminately, and literally left the streets filled with blood.

People in western countries who have supported the operation because they believe Israel was strictly acting in self-defense, will be well served to watch the report. It contains extremely graphic scenes and parental discretion is advised.

Editor: Tim King
Songs: Call to Prayer and Angel of War: Yosef Islam
We will not go down (Song for Gaza): Michael Heart

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