Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dar ElHanun - an Unrecognised Palestinian Village

Dar ElHanun - an Unrecognised Village.:

"abuaviv on Apr 22, 2011

In this movie, shot in Nov. 2007 we document the history and current affairs of Dar ElHanun. What is it to live in an unrecognised village? Why are there villages that are unrecognised?
Hebrew with English subtitles.
Work done by Isadora COHEN, Gilad LIBERMAN, Adi SHECHTER & Uri ZACKHEM. Thank you!

Nitza Productions SA.
Language editing: Isadora COHEN
Subtitle imprinting: Gilad LIBERMAN
Spotting: Adi SHECHTER
Cinematography & Interviewing: Uri ZACKHEM

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