Thursday, April 28, 2011

5 Years After U.S.-Backed Clashes, Palestinian Factions Fatah, Hamas Reach Unity Deal

[I think Saree Makdisi is jumping the gun and totally avoiding the agreed upon issue of reform in the PLO. He probably doesn't know the extent of said reforms just like the rest of us. I believe such reforms will allow, among other things, more representations of civil society and independents, which representations were present in the past in the form of institutions, unions etc. albeit controlled and manipulated by Arafat and the leadership in Fatah.
I'm waiting to see the full context of the draft of the agreement to judge for myself. Meanwhile, like the majority of the Palestinians and despite my feelings and position on the Ramallah PA, I will not criticize an agreement I don't know much about, yet.
Overall, I think it is a positive development in our struggle and hope to see it implemented and further improved upon.]

5 Years After U.S.-Backed Clashes, Palestinian Factions Fatah, Hamas Reach Unity Deal:

"The rival Palestinian political organizations, Fatah and Hamas, have reached an agreement to end a nearly five-year internal schism, form an interim government, and hold a general election within a year. The two sides have been locked in a bitter conflict since Fatah and the Bush administration tried to overthrow Gaza’s Hamas-led government in 2006 after Hamas won Palestinian national elections. Israel and the United States say they’ll reject any peace talks with a Palestinian government that includes Hamas. We speak with Saree Makdisi, Professor of English and Comparative Literature at UCLA and the author of several books including 'Palestine Inside Out: An Everyday Occupation.'

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