Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Women against house demolition" Demo in Lod [al-lydd]

Demo in Lod - "Women against house demolition" 8-3-2011:

"yisraelpnm on Mar 8, 2011

...In the past few years Lydda has suffered from institutional violance on the part of the Israeli authorities which leaves women even more exposed to other forms of violence. The repeated attempts of the government to make the lives of the Palestinian citizens of Lod difficult by means of land expropriation and house demolition are closely connected to the high levels of violence from which women in Lod suffer. The women of Lod already called: 'Arab bold is negligible', while referring the state's lack of attention to violence against women in Lod, and demand that the state will take an action. However, the authorities seem to be too busy with house demolition, while keep putting the safety of women, men and children, at risk.

For the past three months there is an ongoing protest in Lod against house demolition, demanding also to find a long lasting solution for the Abu-Eid family. The women of the Abu-Eid family, their neighbours, and their daughters have been the living spirit behind the weekly demonstrations in Lod. As in other areas around the country women are those who lead the struggle against house demolitions

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