Thursday, March 31, 2011

Protest against Shimon Peres at Chatham House - London 30 03 2011


"MrAlexSeymour on Mar 30, 2011

A war criminal, a most appropriate president for the criminal state of Israel was somehow allowed to attend a Zionist rebranding exercise at Chatham House in London today. Difficult to imagine how this person - who murdered scores of civilians under UN protection in Lebanon, who was instrumental in Israel's acquisition by stealth of its amoury of WMDs and who in addition engineered together with Ben Gurion the initial ethnic cleansing of Palestine - difficult to imagine how he was able to freely visit the UK and speak at a prestigious conference venue without hinderance or intervention from the CID, MI5 and the special branch. Obviously the answer lies in the everpresent insidious influence of the Zionist Lobby with its poisonous tentacles manipulating the Friends of Israel moles in both the government and in the opposition.

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