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Ni'lin Weekly Demonstration 04.03.2011

Ni'lin Weekly Demonstration 04.03.2011:

"Nilinvillage on Mar 4, 2011

Several Attempts To Snipe Peacefully Demonstrators With A Poison Gas Bombs In The Ni'lin's Demonstration Against The Annexation Wall Today And Dozens Suffer From Tear Gas Inhalation.
Ni'lin/Ramallah/west bank
Today in the ni'lin's demonstration which organized by the ni'lin popular committee against the annexation wall and settlement, the demonstration began with a dozens of the ni'lin farmers and a number of Israeli peace activists who joined together with the people of ni'lin against the racism Israeli colonism and its apartheid system,
Chanting slogans demanding an end to the racism israeli colonism to their lands, stressing that the people of Ni'lin will not surrender and will not stop claiming their legitimate humanitarian rights until the attainment of freedom and the humane justice and Demolition of the annexation wall and remove it from the land.
upon arrival of the demonstrators to the area of the annexation wall, the Israeli occupation forces began the suppression of the peaceful march with shooting poison gas bombs at the demonstrators with a heavily way Which led to the injury of dozens of cases of severe asphyxia Including two journalists. On the other hand, the Israeli occupation forces opened the gate of the annexation wall and began to hunt the demonstrators in order to arrest them, they continued running Until they reached to the town, then started firing a toxic tear gas bombs directly at the demonstrators in order to injure them.
This demonstration was so dangerous but the people of ni'lin will never go down come what may.
The demonstration finished at 03:00 pm

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