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Ni'lin Marks Land Day - 26.03.2011

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Ni'lin Town Marks The Land Day/ 26.03.2011 /By: Saeed Amireh:

"Nilinvillage on Mar 28, 2011

Ni'lin Sons mark the land day 26.03.2011
Ni'lin Town/ Ramallah

Around 1500 resident from ni'lin town and the surrounding villages commemorated the land day in ni'lin town. One injured and dozens suffocated after inhaling poisonous gas.
Huge crowds joint the demonstration that organized by the ni'lin popular committee against the annexation wall on saturday at 12:00 pm to express their refusing to the theft of ni'lin lands and the cutting of the olive trees there by the Israeli colonization. The demonstration began from the central of the town toward the wall. The participants during the demonstration carried the palestinian flags and chanted slogans which demands the unity of the palestinian people and end the division in order to face this racism israeli colonization. Upon arrival of the demonstrators to the area of the annexation wall, They began with cultivation the lands there with a small olive Seedlings to show the occupation that is whenever you uproot one olive tree we will plant our lands with ten olive trees instead .

After 10 minutes ,the occupation forces began shooting tear gas bombs at the peacefully demonstrators which led to dozens suffocated after inhaling poisonous gas, At the same moment,They opened the gate of the annexation wall and raided the Town from the southern side and started running toward the people in order to catch them and arrest them,then they started shooting several types of rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas bombs at the demonstrators which led to the injury of a 24 years guy in the leg with a rubber coated steel bullet.
The demonstration continued until 04:00 pm

On the other hand, A popular festival was held in the same day in the town on the occasion of the land day, During it the Ni'lin sons confirmed that they will continue to defend their lands until its free,come what may.

The village of ni'lin has lost most of its lands(49000 donnums) since 1948 until now, Most of its land were stolen by the Israeli occupation, The remaining lands are about (8000 donnums). Five settlements built on its land and an apartheid road(446 road) cut the Town for two parts and recently The building of the annexation wall.

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Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog. Activist and Other Videos on Palestine

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