Sunday, March 27, 2011

Israeli Army Arrests Taayush and Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity Activists in South Hebron Hills

Illegal Arrests by Israeli Army in South Hebron Hills:

"JustJerusalem on Mar 27, 2011

16 Israeli activists from the organizations of Taayush and Sheikh Jarrah Solidarity were arrested illegally by the Israeli army on Saturday, March 26, 2011, after coming to the South Hebron hills to join Palestinian farmers living in the area following constant attacks against them by Jewish settlers. These attacks are backed by the Israeli army who protects the attackers and does not bring the criminals to justice.
The army issued a 'closed military zone' order to arrest the activists, however these orders are always issued selectively against left-wing activists who come to the area to protect the local farmers, and are never issued against the settlers to keep them away from the area so they won't attack the Palestinian farmers.
After spending a day under arrest, the 16 activists were brought before a judge who ordered their immediate release and ruled that the arrests were illegal and that the selective use of closed military zone orders to keep away only one side of the political map from the area is a violation of the activists' rights

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