Friday, February 18, 2011

US Campaign presents petition to U.S. Ambassador Rice

US Campaign presents petition to U.S. Ambassador Rice:

"USCampaign | February 16, 2011

This footage of Ambassador Susan Rice's February 11, 2011, visit to the World Affairs Council of Oregon, in Portland, highlights the clash between a U.S. administration that is out of touch with the dire monstrosity of continued Israeli settlements -- and a growing movement to petition the State Dept. to let the UN Security Council do its job, reaffirming the illegality of those settlements and the urgency of curtailing their increasing menace to the same human rights and equality that the U.S. purports to champion. Peter Miller, a Steering Committee member of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, hands the Ambassador a petition signed by 7,600 people demanding that the Obama Administration vote yes on a pending UN Security Council resolution meant to condemn continued Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Oregonians' appeals to the Ambassador are met with stubborn adherence to the Administration's familiar line that 'the Security Council is not the right venue in which to make such determinations.'

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