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Sheikh Jarrah Demonstration 11/2/2011 הפגנה בשייח ג'ראח

YouTube - Sheikh Jarrah Demonstration 11/2/2011 הפגנה בשייח ג'ראח:

"mariosavio | February 11, 2011

Notice at 2:47 - cop beating protester with pole.

Hundreds of Israel and Palestinians demonstrators gathered in Sheikh Jarrah in East Jerusalem for the weekly demonstration against house evictions and political repression by the Israeli authorities. The demonstrators erected a sukkah (temporary hut) in front of the house of the Hanoun family, which was taken over by fundamentalist Jewish settlers, to protest new plans by the Israeli government and the Jerusalem municipality to demolish more Palestinian houses in the neighborhood to make way for new houses for Jews only.

The demonstrators carried the sukkah to the police barrier, which is set up by the police every Friday to prevent demonstrators from protesting in front of more evicted houses inside the neighborhood, despite it is the legal right of the demonstrators to protest there. The police brutally dismantled the sukkah, while one policeman beat up a demonstrators with a pole from the sukkah (!) See it at 2:47.

Meanwhile, though, dozens of demonstrators were able to enter the neighborhood and demonstrate in front of the stolen houses, where police prevents protesters from demonstrating every week.

Read more about the struggle in Sheikh Jarrah and support us:

Sheikh Jarah 11-2-11:

"yisraelpnm | February 11, 2011


This week Jerusalem's city council approved the plan for yet another 13 housing units for Jews only in Sheikh Jarrah. The execution of this plan will result in the evacuation of more Palestinian families from their homes, and the entry of more settlers to other areas in the neighbourhood.
Last Monday in a protest vigil in front of the city hall against the upcoming plans, the policy arrested 4 solidarity activists. The police asked the court, as a condition for their release, to prohibit them from participating in any demonstration or protest in Jerusalem for the duration of 180 days. The Magistrate's Court ruled that the police had no probable cause for their arrest. However, despite this ruling the police appealed to the District Court in what is clearly an attempt to silence our activists and to prevent them from protesting in the near future

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