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Protest against the settlement in Yaffa - Saturday 29.1.2011

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YouTube - A demonstration protest against the settlement in Yaffa - Saturday 29.1.2011:

"yisraelpnm | January 29, 2011

A demonstration protest of Jaffa's inhabitants against the phenomenon of the settlement and provocations of settlers in the city

In the recent weeks happened in Jaffa number of provocations events in them participated hundred of settlers. Top of the events was a march that exist in Saturday 15.1.2011 of about 300 settlers in the streets of the city and in it were racist called against the Arabs inhabitants of the city and even, in the end of marching, was attacked the mosque Al Nozha that in the avenue Jerusalem and the prayers, that lingered in it in the same time, in stones and by cries of shame and curses by the participants of marching.

The phenomenon of the settlement situated by trend of expansion in Jaffa with existence of nucleus of about 20 families that lives and active in the city in the leadership of Rabbi Alprt and the arrangement Yeshiva by the Rabbi Mali's leadership, both are the leaders of national religious settlement movement, which indicated the mingled cities, include in them, Jaffa as objective to Judaization and to displacement the Arabs residents outside from these cities.

The racist strategy of the settlers join the process of the Judaization happens already in this city from ten years, the resultant from defective policy of authorities of the state (administration of Israel lands and Office of the housing) and a municipality of Tel Aviv that by legislation, planning and development of real estate override the Arabs residents from their homes and from their neighborhoods. The same authorities provide quiet support to the Yeshiva's settlement that active in the city in the last two years.

Accordingly was decided to establish as first step a mass demonstration that will march in the streets of the city to protest against the racism and the tendency to Judaization the city and to withdraw the Arabs inhabitants from within.

The protest' activities organizes a wide coalition in which participants amongst others: the Popular committee, the Islamic northern movement, the Islamic southern movement, Hada'sh, Bala'd, the orthodox fellowship and the Islamic council and many others

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Palestine Video - A Palestine Vlog. Activist and Other Videos on Palestine

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