Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jerusalem Racist Attacks

Jerusalem Racist Attacks:

"aicvideo | Feb 23, 2011

24-year-old Palestinian Hussam Rwidy was killed in the early morning hours of Friday February 13, when he and a friend, Murad Khader Joulani, were returning home from work. Family members say that a group of extremist Israelis yelled 'Death to Arabs' before assaulting the two near Hillel Street in West Jerusalem. While the Israeli police and media portrayed Rwidy's murder as the product of a drunken brawl, the Rwidy family and its supporters say this line of reasoning is not only false, but serves as a way for the Israeli authorities to avoid accurately defining the attack as racially motivated. For more infromation, visit

UPDATE (23/02, 3PM): Yedioth Aharonot is reporting that four suspects have been arrested in relation to Rwidy's death, and are being charged with manslaughter. Israeli police have stated that it was racially-motivated. (YNET Article, Hebrew only:,7340...

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