Thursday, February 24, 2011

Irish journalist David Cronin attempts citizens arrest on Lieberman in Brussels

David Cronin attempts citizens arrest on Lieberman in Brussels:

"EUXTV | Feb 22, 2011 | 86 likes, 15 dislikes

Irish journalist David Cronin, correspondent for IPS and commentator for The Guardian, on Tuesday attempted a citizens arrest on Israel's Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in EU Council, he was quickly escorted from the conference room before the press meeting started.

Interview with David Cronin, on his Lieberman arrest attempt.

It's the second time that Cronin attempted a citizens arrest in Brussels. In March last year, Cronin attempted to place Tony Blair under a citizen's arrest for his role in the invasion of Iraq, during a visit by the former UK prime minister to the European Parliament for a hearing on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Cronin has published extensively on EU relations with Israel.

According to the website, David Cronin is the Brussels correspondent of Inter Press Service news agency.

Born in Dublin in 1971, he wrote for a variety of Irish publications before moving to Belgium in 1995. After working as a research assistant and press officer in the European parliament, he became the European correspondent with The Sunday Tribune, Dublin, in 1998. He then worked as political correspondent for European Voice, a weekly newspaper owned by The Economist, from 2001 until 2006.

He has also written about rock, jazz and world music for The Bulletin, the main English-language magazine targeting expatriates living in Belgium, and for the Wall Street Journal Europe.

This video is an excerpt from the official video footage made available via the EU's Europe by Satellite service.

Cronin explains his attempted arrest of Israel's Lieberman:

"EUXTV | Feb 23, 2011

Irish journalist David Cronin made international news headlines on Tuesday when he attempted a citizen's arrest on Avigdor Lieberman, the Israeli Foreign Minister in the EU Council in Brussels.

Cronin is an author and long time pro-Palestininan activist. He previously attempted to place former UK PM Tony Blair under Citizen's arrest, failing in both attempts so far.

His action's have led to him having his journalist accreditation revoked, a small price to pay, he says.

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