Friday, January 14, 2011

BT under fire for projects in Israeli settlements

PressTV - BT under fire for projects in Israeli settlements:

"Britain's largest communications service provider, BT has long professed a commitment to upholding human rights and ethical business practices. But now, one of its newest business ventures has come under fire from peace activists. BT recently welcomed Bezeq International into its global alliance despite Bezeq International's extensive involvement in providing telecom services to illegal Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian lands. The campaign has led over a thousand people to complain directly to BT which has responded only by saying its commitment to dialogue and ethical business in conflict zones, remains uncompromised. BT is a private company, not a nationalized one and so activists say ordinary political and legal pressure will not work. They say the only effective campaign is to hit BT where it hurts - in the pocket. Thousands of BT's employees are part of the Communication Workers' Union - a union known for its opposition to the Israeli occupation. This could prove instrumental in pressuring BT to end its businesss ventures in the Isareli settlements. In another development, a leading British department store announced this week that it has ceased to stock products from Israeli cosmetics company Ahava, following months of campaigning by peace activists.

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