Sunday, December 26, 2010

Palestinians and International Activists Demo at Qalandia Checkpoint

A week of International Solidarity:

"haithmkatib | December 26, 2010


Sunday 26/12/2010

International Solidarity Week with the Palestinian People of Jerusalem:

Demonstration Near Qalandiya Checkpoint

The Popular Committee of Qalandiya along with the support of the greater Popular Committee Against the Wall, held a large demonstration near the Qalandiya Checkpoint today. The checkpoint is the main entrance to the city of Jerusalem. It is used everyday by hundreds if not thousands of West Bank Palestinian residents en route to school, work, medical facilities, and family who live in Jerusalem.

The demonstration started at 9:30am and was attended by about 100 Palestinians and international supporters. The demonstrators marched toward the main gate, and then gained access into the area within the checkpoint that is used for inspection of people traveling to and from Jerusalem. There they were confronted by the Israeli Military, which tried to prevent them from entering. This led to violent clashes and finally resulted in the arrest of Al Mahmoud, a reporter from Al-Quds Newspaper, and nine international solidarity activists. Demonstrators sat down in front of the gate, which was closed by the army. Soldiers used tear gas in order to dissolve the demonstration

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