Monday, December 13, 2010

Luxembourg's Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn: EU should freeze Israel relations'

Luxembourg's Asseborn: EU should freeze Israel relations':

EUXTV | December 13, 2010

Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg's Foreign Minister has said the EU should 'freeze' it's cordial relationship with Israel if the Jewish State continues to ignore the main points of Europe's negotiations.
This comes days after a consortium of ex-European Leaders, including Madame Ashton's predecessor Javier Solana wrote the Commission Vice President a letter imploring her to take a hard line approach to Israel - Europe relations, as Israel continues building illegal settlements in Palestinian territory.

The relationship between the European Union and Israel
let's call it a very positive relationship..
but at the moment, we can't talk about improving this relationship
because we are no longer in the process of 'negotiating'
It will now be necessary to talk about something entirely different
to freeze, if you will, the relation between Europe and Israel
if we are not capable to get back to real negotiations
this is what the Palestinians expect of us at this juncture."

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